Welcome to the London School of Puppetry. Unlike other schools that train puppeteers as general performers and actors, the London School of Puppetry has pioneered the analysis and teaching of puppetry as a unique artform with intrinsic disciplines and techniques.

LSP is not only in London, in fact when we started we were the only school of puppetry in London, however there is more to the UK than London, so soon we shall be starting training for professional puppeteers in the Midlands

In 1991, the LSP established the world renowned Diploma in Professional Puppetry. The key differentiator of this course to other courses of its type has been a central focus to facilitate students' entry into professional life as puppeteers.

In addition to the Diploma, we offer the Teacher Training Extension, providing students with the vital skills needed to teach puppetry with generous bursaries available and even the opportunity to teach with the LSP.

Our Open Courses allow students to experience different aspects of puppetry without interview. We offer three main Open Courses: short courses as an innovative introduction to specialised aspects of puppetry training; Summer Schools that are learning holidays which focus on one particular puppetry discipline and Playtimes that are a relaxed and informal way to explore different puppet types.

LOOK OUT FOR Marionette Carving and The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy in August.