Welcome to the London School of Puppetry in London and Derby.

Unlike other schools that train puppeteers as general performers and actors, the London School of Puppetry has pioneered the analysis of puppetry as a unique artform with intrinsic disciplines and techniques.

LSP In the Midlands

When we started in 1987 as pioneers we were the only school of puppetry in London. However, we also realised we were and still are the only school outside London. Continuing our commitment  to serve countrywide we are are opening a centre for puppetry training within the exciting artistic developments of the East Midlands. 

1991 the Diploma

In 1991, the LSP established the world renowned Diploma in Professional Puppetry. The key differentiator of this course to other courses of its type has been a central focus to facilitate students' entry into professional life as puppeteers. To this end we include business studies with dedicated tutorial support. 

Research is at the heart LSP

As ever research plays an enormous part in LSP training, both in the work of students developing their practice in the profession, but additionally in forming the basis of their learning while studying with us. 

An LSP field research project to investigate a very rare form of bunraku took place at Hitomi Theatre in Japan last February. This resulted in experimental performances by LSP students of a unique piece of theatre called the Apple Dance in Devon, Yorkshire and France. We were invited to run a week of workshops in France which are to be repeated in 2016. 

Adventurous puppeteers.

Our student puppeteers continue to be adventurous. Two of them went busking at Avignon Theatre Festival, another taught puppetry in Fiji. Another used a solo show made at LSP as an audition piece and got the job! Another started her Trash Puppets business, 


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Marionette Carving 1-8       

The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy 11-17

First Steps. How to make your own work. 20-24 and 26-31.

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