Foundation Course in Derby special bursaries for Derby-Based artusts

Posted 2016 Feb by Lauren Parker

The Foundation consist of 24 days of training taken in three parts in any order: marionette making, puppetry in education and therapy and first steps towards becoming a professional puppeteer. 

The London School of Puppetry is developing a brand new course. Continuing an established policy of offering training opportunities in puppetry outside London as well as in the capital, a new project starts in Derby in the Midlands for the whole of August 2016 and containing into 2016-17
The London School of Puppetry Foundation Course offers:

a completely practical introduction to the physical techniques of puppetry drawn from all over the world and in particular Japan.
devising and writing your own work;
producing public performance by means of a productive process of creative rehearsal.

The style of teaching from established theatre professionals inspires every student to apply their learning to theatre, festivals, film, television, community arts, education and therapy.

Week 1. The course consists of a week of marionette carving which is our way of introducing you to essential principals and various materials and techniques creating the potential for movement in all puppets. This involves you with some distance learning followed by the intensive week of making in the LSP studio.

Week 2. This is followed by a week of exploring the art of puppetry in education and therapy. By focussing your learning on the application of your puppetry movement skills for a specific group you can assess your progress as a puppeteer. This course will enable you to create simple shadow puppetry performances to be presented with client groups during the week. The week consists of practical design and making, devising classes and puppetry workshops for clients of different ages and specialist groups, more formal lectures and each making a solo show, and collaborating in group performances.
Distance learning/preparation includes reading the book: "I am the Story", by Caroline Astell-Burt.

Weeks 3 and 4. Introduction to different types of puppets in order to explore the different "puppetry languages" which use cloth, objects, doll-like things, the human body, shadows  as well as traditional puppets.
Starting to write and devise with glove puppetry with a focus on the subversive qualities of this style of puppet. Participant will make a performance to present to an audience on the course and take away with them.

Rod puppetry will be introduced and developed from recent LSP studies in Japan.

Daily marionette classes to enable you to develop sustainable practices for your future professional life.

Lectures and presentations will be given from outstanding practitioners.

Short presentations of work to each other and friends in a Living Room Theatre celebration or similar event.

Post Foundation Progression:
Although all Diploma students have to participate in the Foundation Month, others are welcome to take the Month as a first stage course in its own right.
Diploma students then continue using the LSP wiki and distance learning to develop their ideas for solo shows for the next stage of their study.

The London School of Puppetry has been providing a platform for puppeteers since 1991 and before that the Puppetry Summer School. Past students still support each other in a professional puppetry network. Professional excellence is our aim enabling generations of puppeteers to keep their work alive and in demand. Students leave LSP with four shows and a collection of puppets.

See below for recent news from a student who used a piece developed at LSP 2015 as an audition piece:
"I just got hired for an awesome project in the district!!! :) TODAY! (I made my audition for the job with Sirius The Dog Star!!! and it went very well, this was last week ) So from the 15 February I would be working all around district kindergardens, with puppets and installations for little ones in really poor neighborhoods and vulnerable families.. :) So I would update my information with this brand new beautiful job.