Summer School August 18-31 2017 Presenting the Puppeteer: First Steps to Professional Puppetry.

First Steps to Professional Puppetry. 

This unique Course combines a period of distance learning with a two week practical culminating with you performing your own short piece of puppetry to an audience. 

What is being a puppeteer all about?

What are the unique qualities of the puppeteer that you need to develop in yourself?

How can you start to make a living?

By attending this course you can start to answer these questions in the following way: by means of an introduction to performing with different types of puppets and spending time with others asking the same questions. Together you can find answers. 

Distance learning takes place via the LSP virtual classroom called the Wiki. The curriculum for this part of the course takes place a few weeks before the practical and provides early training in aspects of the puppetry "Biz." Your tutors are puppeteers who have developed their work and are earning a living as puppeteers. 

The practical will be to make, rehearse and perform a short performance using glove Puppetry in a walk-about booth. 

The full cost of the Course is £499.00 if booked by July 1st or £599.00 if booked afterwards. Bursaries are available if you come from Nottingham or Derby areas. 

This Course is a stand-alone course or is one of three Foundations of the internationally renowned Diploma in Professional Puppetry. The whole Foundation Course represents one quarter of the Diploma in Professional Puppetry.

Course highlights : 

— Rod puppetry improvisation with a focus on styles of puppet developed from recent and past LSP studies in Japan.

—Marionette classes to enable you to develop sustainable practices for your future professional life.

—Puppet improvisation classes including shadow puppetry.

—Practical sessions by outstanding practitioners.

— The opportunity to work through a creative process of conceiving and making a short performance.

— A session on Business Strategies for the Puppeteer: the "SWOT Analysis or talks from established theatre professionals.

— Input from your peers and experienced professionals to enable you to select and choose from a range of feedback in order to develop and complete your own work in the future.. 

Hours are 10-6.00 daily, but the workshop is open until 10.00 each night if you want to work on- there are cooking facilities for making and sharing meals together. 

Closing date for applications 1st July.

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