How to Become a Puppeteer: 2019/2020 Derby. East Midlands. Diploma in Professional Puppetry Starting 2nd February 2019


Special reduction in fees for Hand, Body Module if you start on February 2nd.

The Diploma in Professional Puppetry 2019 (Slowtrack and Intensive).

(contact if you are only available to do Slow-Track study).

The Diploma Course Starts 2nd February 2019 starts followed by various dates NB.Slow-Track modules are arranged specifically with students who cannot take blocks of time out from their lives but work more slowly and feel confident enough to work alone, keeping in contact with the tutors in a personal programme of distance leavening. 

The first module of the Course explores glove, hand and body puppetry and some shadow work.  Subsequent modules are Marionettes(carving), Shadow Theatre, Marionettes (Slow Track dates to be announced) Rod Puppetry. 

The Diploma is completed in 2020. Although at least one month of the Summer School is mandatory it is possible to combine it with working through the year on SlowTrack modules.

In general, teaching takes place in Derby, with masterclasses taking place in London along with other events.

Slowtrack dates (first module) of the 2019/2020 Course. (Programme yet to be completed) Glove, hand, lip-sync, body puppetry).


2nd Visiting tutors, Ronnie Le Drew and Lois Conlan (Travelling Puppet Theatre) Relaxed open day watching performances, operating classes, eating, drinking and sharing. 

3rd Visiting tutor Ella Mackay from Hopeful Monster performing and teaching own brand of hand puppetry. Caroline Astell-Burt of Waxbaby Productions - Body Puppetry. More eating drinking and sharing.

23rd Report back with Mock up of solo performance to be made for local audiences and French Festival at Poet Laval.

24th 9-11 Planning your making-process. 2-4.00 pm. Body and hand shadow puppets. 


30th Writing, Performing and Making : an interdisciplinary process. Creating crowd scenes and variations. Hot seating for character development. Pape sart for storytelling.

31st Writing, Performing and Making : an interdisciplinary process. Solo shows as fully formed narratives.


27th  Completing making- assessing each other. 

28th  How to run a rehearsal period.


Thursday 23rd Rehearsals

Friday 24th Performances all day plus debriefing. 

Next stage is Poet Laval Festival! France.

Intensive participation


1-7 - Marionette carving.


19-30 Participating at a French Puppetry Festival. This month is open to participants who have completed the Glove Puppetry Module (Slow Track see above ) and Marionette carving.


2nd-31st Shadow Puppetry Intensive ( including Shadow Puppetry in Education and Therapy)  The aim of this Module is to enable participants to develop a piece of shadow theatre solo work for their own repertoire. Garden Party performances.


SLOW TRACK Dates tba. Writing and performing for the Marionette -

open to those who completed the carving course in June, (or previous courses). 

October (intensive) 

4 October - 6th November Rod puppetry.


It is possible to take the first module (Slow Track glove @ £1200.00 which is a special rate for a limited period only usually fees are £1,600 per module. Contact for help to book. You will be given a special code to book.

If you are not eligible for a Bursary and you wish to book the Diploma, please go to the website and pay the deposit of £640.00 to reserve your place. 

Full fees are £6,400.00 the whole two years of the Diploma including assessment fees, and classes. There are three bursary places available which considerably reduce the fees for the whole Diploma to £3,900 but you have to book the whole Diploma. Currently, there is particular emphasis on applicants who are committed to the development of the art of puppetry in education and therapy. 

Please write to describing yourself and why you think the London School of Puppetry is where you can best prepare for a career that includes puppetry.  To assist you in your application please send for the LSP student handbook. 

photographs are by Caroline Astell-Burt, Kay Yasugi, Debbi Maurice

All fees paid are non-refundable. 

Available dates

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