SPECIAL OFFER Making and Performing Shadow Puppetry Derby East Midlands 2nd-31st August 2019

Shadow Theatre is an enigmatic form of performance - comical on one hand or borne out of deepest fears and the unsolved mysteries. It might be expressed through the whole body or by means of the intricate and ancient skills of the hand found in such as Indonesian Wayang Kulit or Chinese and Indian shadow puppetry. It might be strongly narrative or beautifully abstract or dance-like or as appealing and immediate as a cartoon strip! 


Learning a range of different shadow puppet-making skills

Exploring light sources and screens which not only form the basis of professional training but are equally applied to puppetry in education and therapy.

Working in the Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy (an added bonus to this course).

Making solo work to take away with you, create group work and performing in public.


Fees £1,600 for four weeks. SPECIAL OFFER week one free of charge. You save £400 and pay £1,200 for full course instead of £1,600.

Please contact info@londonschoolofpuppetry.com

 All fees are non-returnable. 

Tuition, teaching materials, teaching spaces provided, but not accommodation or fares.

Derby-based accommodation available from approximately £90 per week. Request the Digs List.


Derby is a lovely Midlands City within easy reach of London. It is developing as a vibrant centre for theatre, puppetry and dance with collaborations between Derby University, Derby Theatre and Déda and companies such as Maison Foo and Waxbaby Productions. Chester Green where the Course is located offers green space and quiet for intensive study.  

Comments from one of the Derby students

After performing the piece she made at London School of Puppetry, she said,

“I have had people asking when I will be out next ...I was high as a kite afterwards and had that lovely 'Derby feeling', yes there is a 'Derby-feeling' its the magic in the garden feeling! I am writing all this up to make sure I capture the progress I make. I am so heartened by what I saw and felt.”


See images below from Caroline Astell-Burt, Waxbaby Productions, Kate James-Moore, Commedia Puppets, Ted Adair, Lois Conlan, Travelling Shadow Theatre.


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