Open Courses

Open Courses are a general programme open to all adults and offer new and innovative possibilities for puppetry in a variety of contexts. Our playtimes, summer schools, workshops and other short courses give anyone an easy way to experience what it means to study with the LSP. There are many of these courses run throughout the year.


A One Day Course. Adventures with Puppets, Props and the Lip sync choir. 3rd July. Derby, East Midlands

  Explore glove puppets, body puppets and lip-sync puppets, everything provided with the chance to make your own. When in doubt, use a prop! Make plots and action without texts! Ideal for international touring. Have fun...

The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy. Derby East Midlands. 5th-11th August 2018

  The aim of this course is to allow you to start developing into confident performers with puppets with the view of facilitating others. The days will be relaxed and full of enjoyment and quite...