The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy. The Mystery of the Shadow.Derby East Midlands. 2-8th August 2019

The Mystery of the Shadow: the Art of Puppetry in Education Therapy.

This is a Course designed for teachers and artists working in education. This is a thoroughly practical course, which might be applied to everything from literacy, creative writing, or visual arts, or science. On the other hand the Course is a meditation on the mystery of the shadow and how it might be used to the advantage of the young as they grapple with the serious stresses of everyday life.  In educational projects ranging from Early Years right through to young people inside or outside education there is the opportunity to explore Puppetry Forum Theatre as a tool which enables a young person to tackle issues affecting them such as family, relationships or bullying. Any participant especially teachers, youth workers or social workers working with young people or youth offending teams would find this period of reflection of value.


• Daily puppet operating classes and improvisation sessions to develop your ability to respond quickly and talk through the puppet.                         

• Puppet-making

• Performing to each other and to the public. 

Your facilitator for the project will be Caroline Astell-Burt author of 'I am The Story' the Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy

"Caroline Astell-Burt is the Queen of Shadow Puppetry" said Eric Smith. Israel. 

Meals are shared with turns taken in cooking. 

There is basic accommodation available from approximately £90.00 a week. See for details). 

The cost of your course is £400.00  which covers everything except meals and accommodation. Please note that all fees are non-returnable.

Images show a collection of various puppet types to be included in the project. These should be credited to Caroline Astell-Burt (Waxbaby Productions)

 Kate James-Moore(Commedia Puppets) Ted Adair, Lois Conlan(Travelling Shadow Theatre).

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