Applications are invited from anyone with a strong interest in the performance of puppets. You might come from education, therapy, a visual art or design background, or from music, theatre, film, drama or dance.  Making skills are useful, a sense of adventure, and the ability to work alone. You need to be able to understand the need to develop business acumen and to make your work available to the public.

In order to apply for the Diploma Course you need to follow this five step procedure:

  1. Email LSP with information about yourself, you will be emailed with some extra questions.
  2. Return the material plus anything else you would like us to look at. 
  3. If your information shows that you would be suitable to go onto the next stage we will offer you an interview.
  4. Usually a Skype interview if we have never met you, but often applicants apply after participating in a short course. The interview might be part of a study day or you might well be offered a simple discussion instead if time is short. There is more information on the Interview Page.
  5. If you are to be offered a place on the Diploma Course you will be informed by email.  You will need to email back and accept or decline. Please note that in accordance with all institutions of education all fees are non-returnable.

Short Courses

If you wish to apply for any other course all you need to do is follow instructions on the page of information. Please feel free to email us if you have any queries about anything that interests you. Email us and let us know if you have a specific need.