Who pays the fees?

In accepting a place to study at the School, you become legally responsibility for paying your own tuition fees. You must have sufficient financial resources to meet the fees, and other expenses that may be incurred throughout the Course. If you do not pay, the School may take action to recover the fees for a Course you have booked even if you have failed to complete, and this may include the use of a debt collection agency.

What happens if I fail a module?

Failed modules have to be repeated and paid for again. Students have to take responsibility for their training and take every opportunity to rehearse, practise and fulfill their tasks as students so that no time is wasted and units do not have to be repeated.

Is there an audition fee? 

Not at the moment.

What is covered by the fees?

Fees include all tuition and examination fees, but do not include materials, travel or accommodation. If a tutor needs to use particular materials for a class they will be provided. 

What happens if I cannot attend a course?

If a student becomes seriously ill during a module and study is interrupted, study will be rescheduled for the future. All fees are non-refundable (unless a tutor becomes unwell during a module and study has to be curtailed, negotiations with the students for future rescheduled dates will be suggested. If it is impossible for LSP to perform their part of the training agreement all unused fees will be reimbursed.).

Are there any bursaries available?

Bursaries are only available for:

  • students to study free of charge after successful completion of the Diploma (in return for teaching and assisting).
  • promising students to assist in the payment of fees if they have some other skills to offer in exchange.