About us

The London School of Puppetry is the only independent school of higher education in the UK completely devoted to offering uniquely tailored specialist courses for puppeteers.

Just as musicians, dancers and visual artists require specialist training, we believe puppeteers do too.

Every day the art of puppetry is celebrated at LSP

through the curiosity and outstanding work of the students who come from all aspects of performance to specialise in what is for them a new artform.

The needs of puppetry and the practitioners of the art are absolutely at the centre of what we do.

Specialist teachers are trained to teach puppeteers and have designed a specific curriculum for puppeteers. Students learn to assess their progress rigorously.

There is no doubt that anyone requiring high level training in puppetry should investigate our Diploma in Professional Puppetry.

We realise the need of many to combine work and study so we try to make all learning as flexible as possible. 

In the last few years, the LSP has formed links with other higher education providers, giving LSP students the opportunity to standardise their own work.  In the past we have worked with Warwick University, Bournemouth University, London College of Communications, the University of Sussex, Edgehill University and Hull University at Doncaster and the Royal College of Art. If you come from a similar institution and are interested in an occasional link with puppetry, then get in touch.