Past students who they are, where they have gone and what they have said about us.

Angie wrote to us after returning home after 5 weeks on a ReCreation Puppetry Break:

I did manage to incorporate many of the new ideas into the existing show and used my new puppets including Mr Square Poo who's burrow I attached to the back of a wooden chair, he was as expected a hit with the kids, they roared with laughter and most of the boys said he was their favorite. I also used a real tree branch that has burnt scars from the bushfire to mount the kookaburra and that worked really well. The Kangaroo played the Ukulele much better than I had anticipated without having to modify anything, I realized I had just never tried it and the kids loved it, they came up after the show to hug him and pat him, even the 11 & 12 year old boys, it was so lovely.
I'm really pleased that I got the opportunity to incorporate many of the things I have learnt from both Ronnie and Liz in terms of puppet manipulation and engaging with the audience and so I feel inspired and much more confident with my puppeteering.

In the workshops I made Australian animal masks with the 5-8 year olds and with the 9-12 year old kids we made some gorgeous Aussie animal rod and shadow puppets, funny though no Emus were made but the kids made snappy crocodile jaws and a pelican with the same idea. WE had another session where we devised a small show that the older kids presented to the younger ones using shadows lit from behind, overhead projection and puppet play with the audience. It all went really well, the teachers were really impressed with the children's work and what they had achieved in a relatively short time and they want the children to perform their show at the end of year school concert.

I am really pleased with how it all went and I'm sure it was successful because I am still riding on the influence of my LSP experience and I am so thankful for that.
I have so many ideas in my head about how I can extend my Arts practice and now my challenge is to make it happen, I have two shadow ideas based around two of my original songs, one about an ancient tree and the other about a Mermaid, its very exciting.

I have already had a conversation with my boss about reducing my hours in my job so I can make way for new things however that could prove to be difficult at the moment as our service is running at very minimum staff due to some vacant positions and a corporate restructure, I feel that if I don't exit now I might just get swallowed up in it again and I will be squeezing my creative life in around my work.
Anyway all is well but I really miss you guys and the wonderful creative and supportive world that you reside in.

Our students have gone on to work at some of the most prestigious puppetry organisations in the world including the Little Angel Theatre, Compagnie Philippe Genty, Faulty Optic and our ex student Luis Boy was Artistic Director of Norwich Puppet Theatre.

  • Sean Myatt / Compagnie Philippe Genty 
    (now running the Theatre Design course at Nottingham Trent University)
  • Liz and Daniel Lempen : Lempen Puppets and are also Artistic Directors of the Skipton Puppet Festival
  • Urko Redondo Pescador / Faulty Optic
  • Ida Marie Tjalve, Jonathan Storey / Little Angel Theatre
  • Luis Boy, Jonathan Storey / The Norwich Puppet Theatre
  • Ida Marie Tjalve, Tinka Slavicek / No-Nonsense Theatre Company and Teatrum Elasticum and Puppetellers 
  • Ida Marie Tjalve is also director of the Bornholm Puppet Festival. 
  • Yuki Muramatsu YUKI PUPPET WORKS (seen here with her puppet carved by Kazuya Kudo)  she is a freelance puppeteer making a variety of work including that combining puppetry and live music.
  • Kazuya Kudo /Japanese marionette carver who trained with LSP-freelance maker in Japan.



    Some of our students have gone to work as puppet theatre practitioners; directing, performing and writing including Mervyn Miller who is currently working with the National Theatre on the award winning War Horse.

     From time to time this page will focus on the work of different ex students.

    Profile of Celia Constantinesco:


    Photograph of Celia Constantinesco in Cam-isole a profound piece about a woman inhibited and isolated by custom and culture but finding access to freedom.

    Her news:

    I am happy to tell you that I've been touring all summer with Scopitone & Cie, performing Carmen's role 
    (from the french opera) in a shifted street theatre show ! It was great !
    They also offer me to work on a tale with objects & puppets, to be part of the show we saw in Copenhagen.
    I am building my own company as well, it will be official along january 2012 probably. I'll let you know.
    I am currently working on a solo piece (object and shadow) in Rennes where I've found an amazing place 
    run by a group of artists. It takes place in an old fabric and I rent a workshop inside for a creative residency.

    Comment: Celia Constantinesco has a dancerly approach to her use of puppets and objects. She inhabits and commands space in her performances. Her movement flows through the stories she tells, in expressive rhythmic phrases, she both defies weight and gives into it as her ideas unravel their secrets to us. Caroline Astell-Burt