Tutor Yuki Muramatsu leading her Wayang Kulit class.


Tutor Kay Yasugi as ambassador for London School of Puppetry

Who teaches at the London School of Puppetry?


We want all our students to experience the diverse, multi-disciplinary performance medium that is puppetry; as such our staff come from many different aspects of performance. All our staff are experienced professionals working in theatre or performance and are appointed as required for any given individual or group student project.

Our tutors have included:


  • Caroline Astell-Burt
  • Ronnie Le Drew
  • Kay Yasugi
  • Celia Constantinesco
  • Darren East
  • Sue Dacre
  • Ken Haines
  • Jonathan Broughton
  • Lyndie Wright
  • Christopher Leith
  • Liz Walker (Faulty Optic)
  • Gavin Glover (Faulty Optic)
  • Noriyuki Sawa
  • Yuki Muramatsu
  • Nenagh Watson


Caroline Astell-Burt with student Beth Sheldon

From left to write: Caroline Astell-Burt with student Bethany Sheldon; Celia Constantinesco pausing in her class; Wendy Cook; Ronnie Le Drew; Ronnie Le Drew with student Kathryn Schumacher.



  • Geof Atwell
  • Lisa O'Hanlon
  • Liz Humphries
  • Liz Fitgerald Taylor
  • Hazel Darwin-Edwards

Technical Theatre

  • John Le Drew
  • Liz Mundler
  • Gren Middleton
  • Robin Emery


  • John Field
  • Liz and Daniel Lempen


  • Charmian Gradwell
  • Jeanette Nelson
  • Jonathan Storey


  • Lin Marsh
  • Ann Irons
  • Julie Wright


  • Su Andi

Movement and Choreography

  • Wendy Cook
  • Belinda Chapman
  • Tristan Barraclough