Creating and Performing Work for a French Puppet Festival 1st July-2nd August. Derby, East Midlands.

A dream come true!  Making a show to perform at a festival in the South of France after an intensive period of learning.

This Course offers an especially wide range of experiences including working at Poet-Laval in the South of France. The Puppet Festival directed by Debbi Maurice is a completely unique tiny festival alive with performances in the barns and cellars and in the grounds of an ancient farmhouse. 

The Course will be led by Caroline Astell-Burt and others in her team and you will be making portable busking shows. Your work will start in March 2018 as guided distant learning. 

There are three performance projects available:  

1. To create a solo performance of 5 minutes in length using hands, gloves or body for a family audience. The writing and devising and design puppet operating aspects of the course will be facilitated by Caroline Astell-Burt who was Yorkshire’s Punch and Judy Lady and the first female performer in modern time. The renowned Ronnie Le Drew (please check his website) will look at your operating. Street theatre training will be given by Lois Conlan, graduate of LSP who has performed in Australia, New Zealand, UK France and Fiji.

2. Creation and performance of a hand ballet as a collaborative project. 

3.  Additional training in Japanese otome bunraku, a form of body puppetry while in France to create a collaborative performance. 

Course Cost: 4 weeks @ £400 a week = £1600.
Please note all fees are non-returnable. Contact with apply@londonschoolofpuppetry advisable prior to booking.
Fees cover tuition, use of tools, library and some materials. Fees do NOT cover, travel, accommodation, parking or food.

We have an accommodation list, please send for it.


 Photos: Ella Mackay, Caroline Astell-Burt, Jhess Knight, (Trash Puppets) Nicóv Bernal, Ronnie Le Drew, Kathleen Yore (Odd Doll) 



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