A One Day Course. Adventures with Puppets, Props and the Lip sync choir. 2nd February 2019 Derby, East Midlands

A one day opportunity to come and work with Ronnie Le Drew  (Zippy from “Rainbow”) 

Enjoy watching and sharing with this Master puppeteer, Ronnie Le Drew. Explore glove puppets, lip-sync puppets, everything provided.  When in doubt, use a prop!   Have fun with lip-sync -


  • Exploring different types of hand puppetry: the naked hand, the disguised hand, the glove rod puppet.
  • The glove puppet in space.
  • Play in groups with puppets and prop. 
  • Sing along with the lip-sync.
Time of course 11.00-3.00

Credit for photograph Tinka Slavicek's glove puppet, Ronnie Le Drew, Sergei Obratsov, Odd Doll, Caroline Astell-Burt.


Fees. £45.00
All fees non-refundable 
Everything you need is provided, please bring your own lunch.

Sorry, there are currently no places available for this course.