The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy. Derby East Midlands. 5th-11th August 2018


The aim of this course is to allow you to start developing into confident performers with puppets with the view of facilitating others. The days will be relaxed and full of enjoyment and quite gently paced running from 10.00am-4.00pm each day.

Puppets are well known for the de-inhibiting of communication for both children and adults. This learning experience is based on the ability of the teacher/puppeteer/therapist to speak through the puppet characters encouraging a response to do the same. The emphasis for this course will be on rod puppetry with a special focus on dementia care. 

Highlights will be the exploration of:

  • Simple exercises for the inexperienced puppeteer-teacher making and using an assortment of rod puppets including shadow figures. 
  • Using puppets with song to engage the audience 
  • Japanese Pape-Sart as a way of creating a dramatic structure for your stories and then telling familiar stories.
  • Puppet-making and performing classes. 

Materials provided. 

All fees non-returnable.  Cost of Course £400.00

It is recommended that you read "I Am The Story" The Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy. By Caroline Astell-Burt available on Amazon.

Book up early for this course as only a small group is accepted. 

Comments from participants. 

“Even though I am not a therapist but an artist, Caroline made me me feel very included and would always add extra points of interest for me amongst the broader discussion about the use of puppetry in education and therapy.”

“Caroline was very interested in our opinions and would often start a discussion by asking what we thought about a specific aspect or area of puppetry - this was very inclusive and empowering.”

“I liked the ‘flow’ of the days, the combination of practical activities and theory, there was a good balance.”

“The course gave me a real boost in confidence, everyone was very open, supportive and there was real value in our ernest endeavour to explore this wonderful new area. Caroline was extremely good at teaching, knowledgeable and a very good facilitator.”

“I really liked the house, the cat, the cake, the philosophy ... I am not being ironic or glib here, for me the informality of the environment hugely enriched my experience, I had not anticipated this, but as the week revealed itself I really began to value the richness of the environment that we were learning in.” NF.

I just want you to know that I continue to be inspired from the course in August and that all my learning is still unfolding within me. I have just made my first puppet (rod and stick) and I am enjoying getting to know her and looking forward to seeing how she will meet others and what will occur!” TM.

All fees paid are non-returnable 

Photographs Lois Conlan, Liz Le Drew, Amy Skinner




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